January 13, 2021



With Ontario re-entering a State of Emergency as of tomorrow, Thursday January 14, 2021, we will remain open and continue to see patients as they are currently scheduled. Our office hours are still as follows:

Monday : 7am -3pm

Tuesday: 7am - 3pm

Wednesday: 8am-11am (East) 1pm-4pm (West)

Thursday: 7am - 3pm

Friday: 7am-3pm


June 17, 2020



The office, and protocol, have been modified to ensure patient and staff safety.  We have a negative pressure isolation room for aerosol generating procedures and glass partitions in the reception area. 

In order to re-open for regular treatment and maintain excellent infection control and safety for everyone in the office the Ministry of Health and Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario require the following;

  1. A COVID test is not necessary.  A COVID19 SCREENING FORM will be emailed or is available for submission here.  It must be completed and returned just prior to every appointment.  We will confirm the answers before entering the office including use of a non-touch thermometer. 

  2. A PATIENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF COVID-19 RISK FORM will also be emailed. It must be completed and returned by email.  It can be returned by email, via the website or printed, completed and brought to the first appointment.

  3. We can operate by appointment only with no exceptions. Walk-ins and drop-ins are not allowed.

  4. When you arrive please call the office door phone at 613 583-8657 and you will be given instructions for entry. Do not call the regular office number. Only patients will be allowed in the office with few exceptions.

  5. All persons must bring a face mask or covering of some form.

  6. Office presence will be non-touch with 2m separation and in-office time minimized.  The next appointment will be made for you.  It can be changed by contacting us through return email.  Brush well prior to the appointment because the brushing station is not in use.

  7. We must know about breakage in advance because repairs can only be done at specific times otherwise another appointment will be required.

We kindly ask you to cancel your appointment if you begin to have any symptoms such as fever, cough, difficulty breathing, or any other COVID type symptoms, and seek medical attention.

Please call or reply if you have any questions or concerns regarding anything. 

We look forward to seeing you soon.


June 16, 2020



In order to place and remove braces as safely as possible, we have constructed a Negative Pressure Room for these procedures. This will assist in reducing aerosols, and keeping our patients and our staff safe.


June 15, 2020

8:00 am


We have officially begun seeing patients and will be in contact as soon as we can to reschedule your cancelled appointments. Please bear with us as we get back on our feet and navigate through many weeks of rescheduling. We appreciate your patience over the last few months, and in the upcoming weeks. We can't wait to see you all again!!

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