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The first phase of your orthodontic treatment is complete, which means it's time for Phase 2: Retention.

The only way you are guaranteed to keep your new smile forever is to perform proper Wear & Care of your retainers. Below are our recommended instructions for the best results.


  1. You must put your retainers in and take them out using both hands. Using one hand or your tongue will twist the retainers causing them to break over time.
  2. Do not bite them in. This can also cause breakage if the retainer is not positioned properly.
  3. It is important to follow the following 3 steps to allow your teeth time to settle into their new position:




Retainers must be worn all day, everyday for 2 weeks.
They should only be removed to eat, drink liquids other than water, or if you are playing a sport that requires a mouthguard.
After 2 weeks, you will drop down to wearing your retainers for 12 hours a day for another 2 weeks.
This typically equates to putting them in after dinner, and taking them out before breakfast.
After 2 weeks you will then only need to wear your retainers while sleeping. It is necessary to continue to do this forever to ensure your teeth do not move.
Ideally, this will equate to 8 hours every night.


  1. Retainers must be clean before putting them on, and should only be put onto clean teeth to maintain proper oral hygiene.
  2. Do not use toothpaste to clean them. Toothpaste is abrasive and will put tiny scratches into your retainers. This can also cause them to gunk up and make them unwearable.
  3. We recommend scrubbing your retainers using liquid hand or dish soap and the provided brush, followed by a thorough rinse for the best results.
  4. Do not use hot water to clean or rinse them. This may cause distortion. Luke warm or room tempurature water is recommended.
  5. If they're not in your face, they're in their case! Make sure you are always putting your retainers in their case when they are not in use. This will help keep them out of reach of pesky pets, and also help prevent you from misplacing them.
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