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4 Signs to See an Orthodontist

One of the most common myths within the Orthodontic world is that you need a referral from your dentist to come see us, but in reality you can book a consultation any time! That said, here are 4 things you should be looking for when deciding if it is time to give us a call.

When in doubt, remember that orthodontics is about M.O.R.E than crooked teeth.

1) Middles

The middle of the upper and lower teeth should be close to aligned with each other, and the middle of the upper lip. Using the dip in the middle of the upper lip as a reference look at the upper and lower front teeth with the lips slightly apart and not smiling.

2) Overlap

Next, look at how much the upper front teeth overlap the lower when the back teeth are biting together. If overlap is more than half or less than one-third of the lower teeth it could be cause for concern. Also note whether all the top teeth contact the bottom teeth when closing.

3) Reversed

The next thing to observe is to confirm whether the upper teeth are on the outside of the lowers. It is a concern if one or more upper teeth are inside the lower teeth when biting. This is sometimes called an underbite or crossbite.

4) Eruption

Check to see that the teeth are symmetrical left to right. The adult teeth should erupt symmetrically within about six months of each other. If not, teeth could be blocked out or missing. Baby teeth should not block the eruption of the permanent teeth.

These 4 signs are only the beginning of the long list of things that Orthodontists look for. For more signs, visit our page What to Look For, or if you have any other concerns contact us today to book your free consultation!



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